WORQ is a patient questionnaire to assess and evaluate functioning
in vocational rehabilitation settings using the
ICF Core Set for Vocational Rehabilitation.
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) by the World Health Organization was the foundation for developing WORQ. The Work Rehabilitation Group of the Swiss Paraplegic Research and the ICF Research Branch located in Nottwil, Switzerland first developed the international ICF Core Set for Vocational Rehabilitation in 2010, on which the development of WORQ was based. WORQ was found to be valid, reliable, and feasible in different populations. Further psychometric testing is currently being performed.
WORQ comes in two versions: interviewer-administered and self-reported. WORQ is available in English and German. Translation and cross-cultural adaptation to other major languages are being planned.
WORQ is highlighted in two chapters of the book Handbook of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Evaluation: Application and Implementation of the ICF that outlines current science-based methods in assessing impairment and capabilities and emerging approaches to management specifically relating to work participation. For further details, download the flyer (click here).
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A Brazilian-Portuguese cross-cultural translation of WORQ is on its way and will be available for download soon.
For further information contact M.Finger.

The Russian version of WORQ is now available for downloading.

The French version and the Taiwanese-Mandarin version of WORQ are now available for downloading.

A brief version of WORQ with 13 items on functioning based on the brief ICF Core Set for vocational rehabilitation and the ICF Generic Set has recently been developed. The psychometrics of the English and the German versions of WORQ-brief are currently being clinically tested.

Based on clinical experience and patient feedback received in the French cross-cultural adaptation and clinical testing of the German version of WORQ, we decided to change the scaling of WORQ from a visual-analogue scale 0-100 to a numeric rating scale 0-10.
The German and the English versions using a numeric rating scale are available for downloading.
Psychometric evaluation of the French and German-language WORQ-Self-reported version using a numeric rating scale are currently being undertaken and is planned for the Taiwanese-Mandarin version.